Helldivers 2 leaders respond to the black hole, insist it's "a symbol of justice on a galactic scale," announce more Termicide on the way because nothing bad happened last time

Helldivers 2
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Helldivers 2's Super Earth government has called the imposing black hole "a symbol of justice on a galactic scale" and has announced that - for some reason - even more Termicide is on the way for deployment.

Let's rewind the clock slightly. Just over a month ago, Helldivers 2 charged players with deploying the Terminid Control System, said to rid the galaxy of the bugs once and for all. That didn't happen, obviously - instead, the Terminids overcame the TCS, complete with its Termicide, and players were then summarily tasked with taking down the very system they'd helped establish just a matter of weeks ago.

Fast forward to this week, and Helldivers 2 players completed a Major Order to wipe an entire Terminid Super Colony off the face of the Galactic War table. There was just one catch: a black hole inexplicably sprang up in the wake of the completed Major Order, devouring the planet of Meridia, in a move that definitely isn't going to cause problems for players later on.

Now, Helldivers 2's Super Earth government has congratulated brave troopers in the 'news' broadcast below, while also saluting the black hole as "a symbol of justice on a galactic scale." I'm not quite sure how a black hole represents democracy and justice in the far reaches of space, but if the Super Earth propaganda machine gets its hands on something, you best believe it's being twisted to suit its use.

More worrying is the revelation that "Terminide 2.0 research" is now underway, according to the propaganda broadcast above. Super Earth's government apparently isn't abandoning the substance that the Terminids overcame in just weeks, and will seemingly be looking for better success the second time around with some sort of new weapon.

"The bugs are evolving aren’t they?" asks one fearful Twitter user underneath the broadcast tweet. Sure, it could be something like that, or it could be something much worse - like the arrival of the dreaded Illuminate faction from the first Helldivers, for example. 

After a bumpy Major Order victory, Helldivers 2 devs promise "more visible info" on the Galactic War table as Arrowhead discusses "various ways" of improving in-game communication.

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