The best Nintendo Switch accessories 2024: all the top gadgets for your console

The best Nintendo Switch accessories have a lot of competition. There's a lot of cheap tat out there aiming itself at Switch fans, but among the bargain buys you'll also find a massive range of genuinely handy (and reliable) gadgets to enhance your setup. From headsets to racing wheels, capture cards that can cast to any screen to Joy-Con alternatives that provide far more comfort there's plenty to choose from right now. 

We've had our hands wrapped around a wide range of Nintendo Switch accessories - testing the all latest tech hitting the shelves to work out which ones are worth your time. Many Nintendo Switch bundles already offer plenty of extra gear to get you set up from day one, but filling those gaps can enrich your gaming handheld and docked play no end.  From keeping your console protected to upgrading your storage, we're rounding up all the best models and brands to add to your collection right here. You can head straight to the gear of your choice using the menu on the left, or settle in for the ride and peruse some of our must-have recommendations. 

We've been through all the latest and greatest peripherals to show you exactly which the best Nintendo Switch accessories really are. You're shopping at the right time as well, with Memorial Day Nintendo Switch deals on the horizon we're seeing a healthy supply of discounts. 

The quick list

The best controller for Nintendo Switch

A must-have controller for big-screen action


Connection: Wireless / wired to dock
Buttons: 2x thumbstick , 4x buttons, d-pad, 2x bumpers, 2x triggers
Battery life: up to 40 hours
Amiibo support: Yes
Haptics: HD rumble
Motion control: Yes

Reasons to buy

Traditional controller setup
Comfortable balance
Better thumbsticks than Joy-Con
Amiibo functionality

Reasons to avoid

Other color options are difficult to find

Sometimes Joy-Cons aren’t enough; sometimes you want something a bit more precise. That's where the official Nintendo Pro Controller comes in.

Buy it if:

You prefer a more traditional gamepad: The classic gamepad style has gone out the window in the Switch's design. If you prefer to relax with a chunkier grip in docked mode, the Pro Controller is an excellent option. 

Joy-Con aren't precise enough: We noticed the thumbsticks to be particularly snappy and accurate - much more so than the Joy-Con. If you're playing games that require precision, we'd swap to the full controller.

You want to keep NFC and rumble features: There are cheaper PDP and PowerA options out there, but they often drop NFC Amiibo and rumble features to keep their prices low.

Don't buy it if:

You just want another multiplayer option: If you're just stocking up your multiplayer controller options, the Pro Controller is going to prove to expensive to really be valuable.

You don't need Amiibo or rumble features: Of course, if you do want to spend less and you don't need those fancy extras, PowerA and PDP's cheaper alternatives are getting better with every release. 

Design: This classically-styled handset has a layout that draws on everything from the Gamecube to Xbox One, and it’s a must-have for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2. It's accurate, comfortable, and reliable. We did find, however, that the face buttons are a strangely high profile compared to the rest of the body, and could be more comfortable with slightly rounded edges. We were also impressed by the overall balance and feel as well, noting the solid design with no hollow plastic noises.

Features: You're getting everything Nintendo wants you to have at your fingertips here; HD rumble, motion controls and NFC support all built in. That, plus the easy wireless connection, means you're not going to be left wanting here - unlike cheaper third party alternatives that often skimp on these Ninty-specific features. However, you won't find any turbo or additional remappable back buttons on the Pro Controller - you'll need to look outside of Nintendo's catalog for those. 

Performance: Don't think it's a cheeky money spinner for Nintendo that you won't get any benefit from, either. Pick one up and you can immediately tell that it's a premium controller. Textured handles provided plenty of much-needed precision in our testing, and we found that the thumbsticks provide far greater control than those of the Joy-Con as well, particularly in fiddly titles like Fuser. 

Verdict: Sure, you can pick up similar 'pro controllers' for a lot less from other manufacturers (like the generally excellent PowerA). However, you’re better off with the official Nintendo model in our experience. Not only is the build-quality excellent, it boasts Amiibo functionality that third-party alternatives lack.

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The best Joy-Con alternative for Nintendo Switch

A budget Joy-Con alternative with great ergonomics


Connection: Direct to console / wired to dock
Buttons: 2x thumbsticks, Switch face buttons, d-pad, + / -, Home, Screenshot, 2x assignment, 2x turbo, 2x bumper, 2x trigger, 2x rear paddle, 2x volume (attachment), mic mute (attachment)
Battery: NA - uses console battery
Amiibo support: None
Haptics: None
Motion control: None

Reasons to buy

Far more comfortable than Joy-Con
Greater precision and accuracy
Fantastic in handheld mode
Also works docked
Remappable back paddles
Turbo function

Reasons to avoid

Won't fit in a Nintendo Switch case
No rumble, motion controls, or NFC
Only works when connected to console or dock

The Hori Split Pad Pro is perfect for anyone looking for a cheaper set of replacement Joy-Con or those who find the original controllers a little too small to comfortable settle in with. 

Buy it if:

You want a cheaper Joy-Con replacement: The Hori Split Pad Pro controllers by themselves come in significantly cheaper than Nintendo's own Joy-Con. That's excellent if you're after an alternative in a pinch.

You want a more comfortable handheld grip: The biggest benefit of the Split Pad Pro is the considerably more comfortable form factor. If you struggle with the smaller size of Nintendo's own controllers this is a must-see. 

You want more button options: There are two bonus back buttons on these controllers, which can be remapped quickly and easily to provide easy access to your most used commands. 

Don't buy it if:

You value rumble and NFC: Like many third party options there's no rumble or Amiibo functionalities in here. 

You want wireless multiplayer options: The Split Pad Pro comes in the form of two separate gamepads that slide onto the Switch itself, but neither of these controllers work wirelessly. That means you're not getting the added multiplayer benefits of traditional Joy-Con here.

Design: Anyone who has spent hours cramped around a set of tiny Joy-Con will immediately feel the relief of the Split Pad Pro - these gamepads are still connected to our console daily, making them one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories easily. Yes, that extra size does kill the sleek Nintendo Switch vibe, and won't travel in a standard clamshell carry case, but the comfort and additional performance is well worth it in our opinion. There are also plenty of different aesthetics to choose from, with a range of game-inspired colorways on the shelves. 

Features: To get some housekeeping out of the way, no - these controllers won't work wirelessly. That means you won't be passing one half of the gamepad system over to a friend for multiplayer action, which is something to consider if you're looking to maximise your available controllers. However, for single player endeavours the Hori Split Pad Pro absolutely shines. 

There are other tradeoffs to consider, though. There's no NFC, rumble, or motion controls baked in here - swapping in for remappable back buttons and a turbo function. If you rarely use these extra Joy-Con features, the Split Pad Pro is a no-brainer, but we did start to miss the feedback of a successful Pokemon Legends Arceus hunt after a little while. You are, however, spending far less on a set of the gamepads by themselves (attachment set notwithstanding) than you would on a new set of Ninty's finest. 

Performance: We found everything from the additional precision in the thumbsticks to the vastly more ergonomic form factor to be game changing in our testing. The full sized controls make aiming and even using the face buttons more precise and comfortable and the chunkier legs and grippy texture make relaxing with the console in the palms particularly cozy. 

Verdict: The Hori Split Pad Pro is for those after comfort in handheld mode first and foremost. Yes, they drop a few features to get you such an ergonomic gamepad at such a low price, but solo players struggling with cramp can't make a better purchase. 

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The best case for Nintendo Switch

Orzly Nintendo Switch case

(Image credit: Orzly)

3. Orzly Nintendo Switch carry case

Keep your Switch or Switch OLED protected


Design: Clamshell
Protection: Hard EVA shell, screen cover
Storage: Mesh pouch and 8 games

Reasons to buy

Room for accessories
Hard EVA shell

Reasons to avoid

Needs more padding

A strong case is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories you'll buy. Orzly takes the kitchen-sink approach to storage; this case will fit the console, smaller accessories, games, cables, and SD cards inside without any fuss.

Buy it if:

✅ You want to keep a few games handy: There's space for eight game cartridges built into this case - perfect if you want to keep some favorites close to hand.

✅ You have either a Switch or Switch OLED: Orzly's case has been designed to fit both the standard edition Switch and the OLED model, despite the latter being slightly larger.

Don't buy it if:

You want to store extra Joy-Con: Don't let that picture fool you, we wouldn't recommend storing extra Joy-Con in the mesh pouch. When closed everything is a little too close together to guarantee the safety of your thumbsticks.

You have particularly bulky accessories to transport: There isn't enough space in here for larger accessories - if you're bringing extra controllers or a dock along we'd recommend something a little more substantial. 

Design: It'll keep the console safe as houses while you're out and about, with a durable EVA shell keeping everything drop-safe. This isn't a rugged case, and there could be more padding between the inner cushioning and outer shell so it's strictly for standard everyday use. 

Features: This model is also compatible with the OLED model, thanks to the extra wiggle room the brand built into the shell itself. Your Joy-Con will all still neatly fall into the indented hard shell, with plenty of room leftover up top for accessories, cleaning cloths, and headphones. You're also getting space for eight games in the screen cover as well. 

We would think twice about throwing those pictured Joy-Con in the mesh pouch - once closed this is a tight squeeze that might damage those thumbsticks. Considering the overall form factor, though, there's still plenty of space for other kit.

Performance: The best carry cases fade into the background after a time. You're never concerned about the bulk of the device, and you know exactly where all your games and accessories are. The Orzly carry case does just that - offering reliable protection you won't need to think about while still keeping all your necessities close by.

Verdict: In short, the Orzly is easily one of the best Nintendo Switch cases on the market right now. There's even a Switch Lite version, so users of the handheld-only console don't have to miss out.

The best dock for Nintendo Switch

A pocket-sized dock and charging accessory


Cable length: 1.8m
Weight: 100g
Dimensions: 60 x 33 x 44 mm
Output: 45W USB-C

Reasons to buy

Incredibly convenient
International adapters included
No safety concerns
Improved 45W charging

Reasons to avoid

Only one USB-A

The Genki Covert Dock was  a revelation on its original launch, but now we have a remodelled version with 45W charging capacity. That fixes our only major gripe with the former version, and this is now a bonafide all-in-one powerhouse. Not only are you getting a wall adapter to plug your Switch in (as well as the USB-C cable), but this device is primarily designed to offer a portable third party dock for on the go play.

Buy It If:

✅ You regularly travel with your Switch: Being able to hook up your console to any TV with an HDMI cable while on the road is a godsend. If you regularly take your handheld with you on trips, this is a must-see. 

✅ You want to use other accessories in docked mode: The USB-A port on the full Genki Covert Dock means you can wire other accessories into the device - a major benefit over the smaller Covert Dock Mini. 

✅ You want an all-in-one charger for other devices: That USB-A port also comes in handy for your phone, watch, or headphones. Yes, many of these devices can be charged via a USB-C - USB-C connection but you've got more options here.

Don't buy it if:

You want to pack as light as possible: The Covert Dock is much larger than the Mini model, so while it's still definitely pocket sized it's not the best option for those looking to keep things as light as possible.

You don't need a USB-A port: Of course, if you won't use that USB-A port there's no point in spending on it. The Mini is cheaper and more portable.

Design: The adapter design of the Covert Dock itself means you won't be slotting this neatly into a standard clamshell case, but it will still tuck itself into any corner of a backpack particularly well. The newer model sports a translucent main body, with white accents. It's a cleaner aesthetic than the all-black of the previous model which risked feeling boring against Nintendo's classically whimsical color palette. 

Features: The Genki Covert Dock has a feature set that relies upon simplicity to offer a clean experience that works every time. Simply hook an HDMI cable up to your TV (we tested and were satisfied with cables of up to 8m), connect your Switch via the included USB-C cable and you're good to go. Setup was a straight plug and play affair across all our travels. The new model is also capable of 4K output at 60fps. 

Plus, it's good to know that you're also getting three international outlet adapters in the box as well - for UK, US, EU and Australian outlet types. Just remember, the Genki Covert Dock won't work for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Special mention must also be made of the Genki Covert Dock Mini. If you're after a smaller adapter, but you're happy to drop a USB-A port, it's the perfect travel companion. It doesn't quite beat the full device on this list, though, as dropping that USB-A compatibility does limit its use as a general travel device and kills a range of accessories as well.  

Performance: At the time of writing, we've been using the Covert Dock for months and have no concerns over the safety to our console. In fact, this is the best Nintendo Switch accessory in our arsenal right now. The Covert Dock never presented us with any visual stuttering or power drops during testing, and connects as soon as all the relevant cables are put together.

Verdict: The Genki Covert Dock is a must-have Nintendo Switch accessory for any travelling player. Its seamless performance and tiny form factor mean it marries both form and function to offer a super versatile experience. 

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The best SD card for Nintendo Switch

5. SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSD

Make room for your next eShop haul


Storage: 128GB
Format: MicroSDHC, microSDXC
Transfer speed: up to 100MB/s

Reasons to buy

Relatively cheap
Plenty of storage space
Will last you a while

Reasons to avoid

Less value than larger cards

As ruthless as you are with deleting old games and keeping a lean roster, you'll still quickly find yourself running out of space on the base storage alone. SanDisk's 128GB SD card can see you through plenty of eShop binges while still saving space for DLC and updates as well. 

Buy it if:

You're buying your first Nintendo Switch memory card: 128GB is a lot for a first card, but it's going to fill up quickly - and you'll want to keep space on here for as long as you can.

You want enough space for around 18 first party games: The average Nintendo Switch first party game weighs around 6 - 8GB, which means you'll be able to comfortably fit a good range of larger titles on here - and plenty more smaller games as well.

Don't buy it if:

You already have a substantial library: If you're upgrading your memory card, or you've already built a substantial backlog of eShop titles, it's worth investing in something a little larger.

You play mostly physical games: Of course, if you don't plan on downloading these larger games, 128GB isn't going to make much sense. We'd still recommend a 64GB card to make sure you're covered for updates and save files though.

Design: The stock SanDisk card doesn't look as pretty as the official Nintendo versions which feature individual characters and icons. However, we regularly find that these cards are considerably cheaper than officially branded ones. They're the same cards, they're going in the same slot, and you'll never see them again after that. 

Features: The SanDisk MicroSDXC is fully supported by Nintendo and features a speedy UHS-I transfer rating, That means you're getting higher transfer speeds for faster gameplay. 

Performance: We’d recommend the SanDisk Ultra 128GB card for most players starting out or upgrading from a smaller 64GB card. This is enough for roughly 18 first party games or a load of smaller titles, so it’ll definitely keep you going for a while. We'd say it's one of the best Nintendo Switch SD cards overall.

Verdict: A memory card is going to be one of the first Nintendo Switch accessories you'll need - the system's paltry storage almost demands it. This 128GB model works well as both a first card and an upgrade from 64GB, though if you've got a larger shopping list a 200GB model might be better. 

The best headset for Nintendo Switch

A wireless headset with long-lasting battery life


Acoustic design: Closed back
Cable length: 1.5m
Drivers: 40mm Razer Triforce
Weight: 250g
Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Android mobile

Reasons to buy

Subtle aesthetic
Comfortable memory foam cushioning
Breathable material
Widely compatible
Low-latency Bluetooth mode
Impressive sound quality
50+ hour battery life

Reasons to avoid

No Synapse support
Wired performance drops quality

The 2022 Razer Barracuda X is the best Nintendo Switch headset on the market right now, thanks to its simple plug and play design and excellent audio quality. We still use the Razer Barracuda X across a wide range of platforms, it's become a daily driver. 

Buy it if:

✅ You play in handheld mode on the go: The Barracuda X's Bluetooth and USB-C 2.4GHz dongle make it perfect for quality gaming on the go, especially considering there's a solid battery life as well. 

✅ You want to double up on use cases: The subtle form factor, portable swivel design, and music performance means the Barracuda Xs can easily double up as a normal set of headphones as well. 

✅ EQ settings don't interest you: If you don't want all the faff of setting up the perfect equalizer balance, the plug and play nature of the Barracuda X is perfect. Of course, you can still quickly tweak in the mobile app - but there's no intimidating dials and levels to concern yourself with here.

Don't buy it if:

❌ You want to fall back on a wired connection: The Barracuda X doesn't provide power for its wired connection, which means you're missing out on key audio features when you hook up a 3.5mm cable. We noticed sound was significantly impacted when tethering up. 

Design: The Barracuda X doesn't shout gamer, and its subtle aesthetic is one of its biggest benefits. It's also one of the most comfortable headsets we've had the pleasure of sinking some longer sessions into; never pinching the ear thanks to that thicker padding, and keeping temperatures low all at the same time.

Features: It was refreshing to find a stripped back approach to features when we got our hands on this headset. There's no expensive extra features in here to inflate that price tag and compete with esports-grade cups; just a solid set of headphones with a clear focus on sound quality and everyday quality of life. The 2022 version goes one further than its 2021 predecessor as well, with Bluetooth compatibility to round out the full package. That means you'll be able to easily slip these on during daily commutes and there's even Razer Audio app compatibility for EQ settings as well. 

There's a solid battery life here (we generally only need to charge once a week), you're not spending too much to worry about taking these cups out and about with you, and that USB-C wireless connection slots straight into the console's form factor as well.

Performance: We tested the Barracuda X across consoles, and were pleased to find a nicely balanced sound profile, with some excellent detailing in the mid-ranges and the power to blast when the time was right. That's because the bass is slightly emphasized here, but in an appreciate-your-shotgun-boom way, rather than the growling fuzz we usually hear in headsets in this price range.

Verdict: Don't be fooled by that easy USB-C wireless connection, super comfortable earcups, and impressive directional audio - this is still a particularly affordable piece of kit. In fact, one of the most compelling aspects of the Razer Barracuda X's prowess in the Nintendo Switch accessories arena is its value for money. You're getting some pretty powerful audio here - all for under $100 / £100. 

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The best screen protector for Nintendo Switch

Spigen tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch

(Image credit: Spigen)

7. Spigen Tempered Glass Nintendo Switch screen protector

Keep that screen scratch-free


Thickness: 0.33mm
Rating: 9H
Number in pack: 2

Reasons to buy

Oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints
Easy to apply
Rounded edges 

Reasons to avoid

More expensive than budget products

If you're after long-lasting protection the Spigen tempered glass Nintendo Switch screen protector is one of the best options on the market.

Buy it if:

You want to keep your screen safe: If you regularly play in handheld mode, especially while you're out and about this is a must-buy.

Don't buy it if:

You have a Switch Lite: This model won't fit the smaller screen of the handheld-only Switch, though you will find alternatives that do.

Design: Spigen's tempered glass screen protectors don't have much in the way of frilly design - they certainly don't need to. What you do get is a super-clear window straight to your system that keeps everything vibrant while still offering excellent protection. 

Features: You're getting two panels here, so you've always got another spare and a second chance to apply it correctly if necessary. Application is easy with included wipes and cloths to ensure there's no dust sitting on the device screen before the protector is placed. 

Performance: At 9H hardness, you'll be protecting your screen from scratches, bumps, and scrapes while also still being able to see your screen in full brightness and clarity. That's something you don't tend to get from cheaper screen protectors, so it's worth shelling out just a little extra for this Spigen model. 

Verdict: We didn't bother with our standard edition console back in 2017 and needless to say when the OLED model turned up these screen protectors were the first thing we bought. It's worth noting, though, that this is only compatible with the full Nintendo Switch.

The best Joy-Con charging stand for Nintendo Switch

8. Hori Joy-Con Charge Stand

Never lose Joy-Con power again


Weight: 149g
Dimensions: 165 x 88 x 151 mm
Capacity: 4 Joy-Con

Reasons to buy

Speedy charging
Can charge via dock 
Capacity for four Joy-Con

Reasons to avoid

Need to plug into wall for best results

The Hori Joy-Con Charge Stand can keep up to four of your gamepads charging at once - perfect for keeping all your dinky controllers ready to go. 

Buy it if:

You have up to three sets of Joy-Con: With two sets of Joy-Con sitting on the charger and a third connected to your console, the Hori stand is perfect for those with three sets in total. Any more and you've still got some gamepads out of juice. 

You have a wall outlet to spare: The whole stand can charge off the USB-A port on the Nintendo Switch dock. However, you'll get a faster charge when plugged into a wall outlet.

Don't buy it if:

You don't have extra Joy-Con sets: If you don't have any extra Joy-Con sets it's worth holding off until you've built a collection. Your controllers automatically charge off the console when docked, so there's no need for this extra accessory.

Design: This is a simple device, a plastic construction housing four Joy-Con controllers in two rows via separate slide rails. It's not going to be massively durable, so we wouldn't recommend throwing it around too much - this is a budget buy after all. However, for an unassuming charger that gets the job done it's a fantastic option. 

Features: Not only is it a handy Nintendo Switch accessory in its own right, but you can also plug this model directly into your Switch dock to keep those cables down. However, we'd recommend finding a wall outlet if you're looking for a particularly speedy charge. LEDs will let you know the status of your controller batteries, and each controller slots neatly in with a rail system similar to that of the console itself. 

It's also worth noting that the cable is particularly short. That's no big deal if you've got space to the side of your dock, but if you're trailing wires around a larger setup you might need to make some changes.

Performance: We use the Hori stand to keep spare controllers charged regularly. Total charge times are admirable, though much better when plugged directly into an outlet. We've never noticed any overheating or undercharging issues either. 

Verdict: If you've got more Joy-Con than consoles (and with all the color choice, who doesn't), then you might have a hard time keeping them all ready and juiced up before a big Mario Kart tournament. The Hori Joy-Con Charge Stand is a super cheap way to keep all those gamepads ready for action. 

The best racing wheel for Nintendo Switch

The best racing wheel for Nintendo Switch


Diameter: 280mm
Rotation angle: 270º
Buttons: 20
Programming: Fully programmable
Pedals: 2, included
Attachment: Suction / clamp
Compatibility: Nintendo Switch, PC

Reasons to buy

Mario-inspired aesthetic
Excellent range of customization options
Good value for money overall
Controls allow for use in other games
Nice level of resistance in wheel and pedals

Reasons to avoid

Suction cups won't reliably hold
Pros will need better specs

If you're looking to breathe new life into your copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, look no further than Hori's Pro Deluxe racing wheel. This is one of the very few full-sized racing wheels available for Nintendo Switch (a smaller Mini version is better suited for kids), and offers a surprisingly impressive experience despite coming in at just under $100 / £100.

Buy it if:

You've got all you can out of Mario Kart 8: If you've played the classic kart racer for as many hours as we have you're likely looking for a way to shake things up. This racing wheel is perfect for finding new fun ways to play, even if your performance might take a hit at first.

You play multiple different racing games: This isn't just a Mario Kart device, though - thanks to the remappable buttons you can configure this wheel to work with a massive range of racing games.

You've got plenty of storage space: Like all racing wheels, this thing can take up some serious space. Make sure you've got a solid amount of cupboard space. 

Don't buy it if:

You're buying for younger kids: There's a smaller, lighter version of the Hori racing wheel that is far better for little hands. 

You'll be relying on the suction cups: If you don't have a table suitable for the clamp, it might be time to think twice. In our testing the included suction cups did nothing to hold the wheel in place. 

Design: We did find the design lent itself far better to being attached via the full clamp rather than the unreliable suction cups included in the box, but apart from that setup is quick and easy. The whole system plugs into your Nintendo Switch dock via a USB-A cable, with the pedals connecting to the wheel base directly. From there, you'll just need to boot up your console and you're away - no need to configure tricky settings (for Mario Kart at least), everything works straight out the box. 

Features: 270º degrees of movement in the wheel may be a little short for PC pros, but serves Mario Karters just fine, and with a fully programmable deck you're sorted for pretty much every title you can throw at it as well. Add in some thoughtful extras - remappable back buttons, a dedicated Item button, and a solid level of sensitivity customization - and you've got excellent value for money overall. 

If you do stray from Rainbow Road, there's a handy switch up top to toggle different control schemes which, combined with the programmable buttons, means you can quickly set up for other games as well. 

Performance: The majority of these clickers are easily reachable and well placed, though we did find that Item button to be pretty much unusable in more frantic Mario Kart sessions. It was far easier to map the back buttons to hold items in different directions, rather than reaching the thumb all the way over to the centre of the wheel every time. 

Verdict: The Hori Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Deluxe is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories for racing fans on the market. Not only does it play particularly nicely with its namesake, but with compatibility across a range of different titles there's excellent value overall here.

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The best capture card for Nintendo Switch

Turn your laptop into a Switch screen


Dimensions: 52 x 25 x 9mm
Input: 4K @ 30fps / 1080p @ 60fps
Output: 1080p / 720p @ 60fps
Software Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Chrome, Edge

Reasons to buy

Impressive plug and play Switch casting
Compact form factor
Easier for beginner streamers
Compatible with OBS Studio
Everyday performance keeps up

Reasons to avoid

Some performance lag noticeable in faster games

Before you even get into the streaming side the Genki ShadowCast can quickly and easily cast all your games to your laptop screen. Perfect if you're travelling light, but equally impressive at home, it's a handy tool to keep in your carry case.

Buy it if:

✅ You won't have a TV for your Switch: Whether you're setting up a college dorm or you simply won't have a TV for your Nintendo Switch, the ability to output to any screen with an HDMI port attached is going to be particularly handy.

✅ You want to get started with streaming: While by no means a sophisticated system, this is a great tool for those who want to dip their toe into capturing their gameplay without breaking the bank.

✅ You don't mind dropping a little performance: There are some performance sacrifices in here, but everything is playable casually. If you don't mind that slight visual drop you'll get on just fine. 

Don't buy it if:

❌ You want a sophisticated streaming device: This is a super cheap capture card, so it's not going to keep up with more sophisticated tech on the market. If you're serious about streaming, this isn't a silver bullet. 

❌ You play faster games: Faster games do suffer from that input lag a little more, so if you play twitch-reaction platformers or shooters, you might want to consider an alternative option. 

Design: The design is simple and streamlined. With an HDMI at one end and a USB-C on the other, it's a compact dongle designed to sit patiently in your carry case until its moment to shine. Simply attach the HDMI to your Switch Dock, connect to your laptop, and load up the Genki Arcade software to instantly view your console on your PC. 

Features: There are some finnicky parts to the software (the Windows version can't record footage but Mac and browser-based versions can), but if you just need a display in a pinch it's a simple plug and play system. You can still take screenshots, switch output modes, and toggle different performance settings, though. If you are taking your gameplay live, the ShadowCast is compatible with OBS Studio for an extra boost as well. 

Performance: While the picture quality does suffer a little, and we noticed just a little too much lag for particularly fast-paced games, the overall effect is still darn impressive for just $50. The newer model (translucent) can run at 10x the bandwidth of the previous version, though, and it does make a difference here. It's not going to replicate your Switch experience on a larger screen, but it's not meant to - this is a functional device rather than one designed to enhance. 

Verdict: The Genki ShadowCast is, at its core, a super cheap, super tiny, capture card. It can stream anything with an HDMI out to your laptop via USB-C making it an incredibly versatile little gizmo for a range of consoles. However, the Nintendo Switch's hybrid design benefits from it most.

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How we test Nintendo Switch accessories

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Quality of life is so important to Nintendo Switch accessories; these need to be easy to use, and hold up over time. That's why we also keep using all the gear we recommend even after we've posted our first review. That means we can keep tabs on durability and long-term reliability, updating our findings if we notice anything further down the line. 

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Which Nintendo Switch accessories should you buy first?

The first Nintendo Switch accessories you should be investigating are a case, a screen protector, and a memory card. The Switch is designed to go out and about with you, which means you'll need a strong carry case to see you and your trusty console through all kinds of bumps and knocks. However, your second point of call should absolutely be a screen protector. Both the Switch and Switch Lite have particularly soft screens which means they're vulnerable to scratches and scuffs (especially if you're docking the standard edition). Plus, that OLED screen is just too pretty to risk. 

Once you've got safety sorted, it's time to look at that internal storage. The standard and Lite Nintendo Switch models come with just 32GB of space built in (the OLED ups this to 64GB but it's still a limiting figure). If you plan on using the eShop at all, we'd recommend securing a memory card as soon as possible - aiming for around 128GB to get you started, or 256GB if you want to future proof for a little longer. 

Are Nintendo Switch accessory kits worth it?

If you've just picked up your console, you might have your eyes set on a cheap Nintendo Switch accessory kit. These packs usually offer a couple of screen protectors, a sleeve case and a game card holder. These are solid buys for the early days of your console's life, especially if you need to protect your device before investing in some higher quality gear. However, we'd recommend upgrading the case to a hard shell model as soon as you can. 

Should you buy third party docks?

In the console's early life, the extra docks ruled the Nintendo Switch accessories world. However, many were soon spooked by stories of third party docks bricking consoles. It's true, many of these products don't play nicely with Nintendo's charging system. We've been using the Genki Covert Dock for a significant period of time now, and haven't encountered any issues, but we would be wary of buying a cheap substitute for the official Nintendo product. 

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