Steam page reveals 25 games that'll be shown at Summer Game Fest, like a Persona-style JRPG and the retro indie collection I've been waiting 7 years for

Metaphor: ReFantazio
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If you're dying to know what games will be a part of the Summer Game Fest schedule for 2024, you can now see at least 25 games that'll be there thanks to the event's official Steam page.

Obviously this Steam page hasn't outed any big unannounced surprises for the event, but it has confirmed a few notable titles that'll be a part of the Geoff Keighley spectacular - and the list is still "updating" with further additions. Those games include the Persona veteran-helmed JRPG Metaphor: ReFantazio, Budokai Tenkaichi revival Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, and Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2.

Capcom also wasn't apparently done with MonHun news after dropping the bombshell that Monster Hunter Wilds is giving players multiple weapon slots this time around, as it's also on the list. The other familiar titles on the main list are, in fact, very familiar - it looks like we can expect updates on games including Palworld, Party Animals, and The Finals. There's no guarantee we'll see major updates on any of these games this week, but they're connected with the show in some capacity. 

  • Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero
  • Party Animals
  • Mecha Break
  • Neva
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2
  • Metaphor: ReFantazio
  • Palworld
  • The First Descendent
  • Monster Hunter Wilds
  • Battle Crush
  • Once Human
  • The Finals

The Day of the Devs lineup is, for my money, usually the highlight of Summer Game Fest week, and this year's collection looks just as vibrant and creative as ever. Highlights include the after-hours zoo horror game Zoochosis, story-driven puzzle RPG Arranger, and Screenbound, the mind-bending "5D" puzzle-platformer where you use an off-brand Game Boy to manipulate your world.

The game I'm most delighted to see here, however, is UFO 50. Announced way back in 2017 by Spelunky dev Derek 'Mossmouth' Yu, the project is a collection of NES-style retro games built by an array of indie developers. The games range from full-on 8-bit JRPGs to experimental golf-pinball party games. I've been fascinated by the project since it was first announced all those years ago, and I've got my fingers crossed we'll be seeing a lot more of it soon.

  • Hello Again
  • Koira
  • Psychroma
  • Phoenix Springs
  • UFO 50
  • Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure
  • Tom the postgirl
  • While Waiting
  • Karma
  • After Love EP
  • Zoochosis
  • Building Relationships
  • Screenbound

That's at least one name among the 15 games we really want to see at Summer Game Fest.

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