As Destiny 2 players wait out The Final Shape downtime, one dev recommends the "helmet off" experience for the MMO's new cinematic animations

Destiny 2
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Destiny 2 servers are down ahead of the launch of The Final Shape, but the devs have a quick PSA for those of you diving into the campaign tomorrow: it might finally be time to go "helmet off" this time around.

"Btw, if you choose to set your guardian to 'helmet off', you can see your newly customized face animated in a bunch of the cines in The Final Shape," cinematics director Jimmie Myers says on Twitter. "Your call! But wanted you to know it’s an option."

Destiny 2 now allows you to customize your Guardian's appearance at any time, so if you've secretly been using helmets to cope with how much you hate what you did to your character's face all those years ago, you're no longer stuck with it. There hasn't been any big overhaul to how faces look in the expansion, but the new customization option might just be enough to tempt some players to look at their character's face in cutscenes again.

Myers says helmet-off cutscenes are a priority at Bungie in a follow-up tweet. "Sometimes there are complicated reasons we can’t," Myers explains, "but we almost always put in the extra work for both options."

If you've managed to stay spoiler-free so far, you might want to go dark for the last few hours leading up to The Final Shape. A few days ago, Bungie warned of "spoilers being shared online" after a bizarre PS5 streaming leak seemingly outed the whole expansion.

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