Each new Multiversus fighter is locked behind a 38-hour PvP grind - except characters like The Joker, who cost twice as much

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

One Multiversus player estimates that it'll take nearly two full days to unlock each new character in the Warner Bros fighting game, with premium fighters taking twice that time.

In a recent tweet, YouTuber WhyDo estimated that in order to unlock new characters past the first available fighters (several of which rotate out of use after each week), they would need to play more than 38 hours of PvP gameplay. Claiming that after 100 minutes of play (after completing challenges) they'd earned 130 points of the currency needed to buy new fighters. That might sound ok, but in the context of most new fighters costing 3,000 points, it means that at that rate, it would take more than 38 hours to unlock each new character.

That pace is obviously increased by completing challenges, but it looks as though each of those only nets 1,000 points per day. And it's also dramatically slowed down by certain characters, like the Joker, who cost 6,000 points. That's either six days of challenges, or more than three full days - 77 hours - of grinding PvP.

WhyDo does clarify that "you get a brief but large initial boost of currency," at the start of the game, but that that could "mislead people into thinking the game is more generous than it really is." There's also the ability to purchase fighters (and cosmetics) with premium currency, but that's a financial hurdle that many won't want to overcome, sentencing players to a lengthy grind if they want to unlock anything new.

Following a year-long hiatus "to deliver the absolute best experience possible," MultiVersus is coming back better than ever.

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