After 20 years, Monster Hunter Wilds gives players two weapon slots for the first time, and veteran hunters already know what to do with them: "Two Charge Blades"

Monster Hunter Wilds
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Monster Hunter Wilds will let players take two weapons out into the field with them for the first time in Capcom's series, and obviously the Charge Blade wishing has already begun.

Yesterday saw a brand new Monster Hunter Wilds trailer for Capcom at the PlayStation State of Play showcase. As we reported on shortly afterwards, the new game is introducing the new Seikret mount, which can surprisingly seek out objectives like monsters around the map by utilizing its sense of smell. It can also carry another primary weapon for hunters. 

It's this second point that has a lot of Monster Hunter veterans fascinated by the possibilities. Hunters have never been able to take more than one weapon with them into a mission before, so if you wanted to get a new weapon mid-mission, you'd always have to leg it back to the nearest base camp, to change out your entire build and loadout. 

"Insane! Big gun and big sword for me surely. Or a big hammer. Aah so excited," reads one response to the tweet below. A lot of players are similarly excited by the possibilities, while others are pointing to the fact that this new feature might be a testament to the size and scope of Monster Hunter Wilds' maps - a bigger map would make it more of a pain to journey back to a camp to swap out your weapon.

Then, of course, there's fans like the one below. Yes, you definitely can forgo Capcom's design philosophies of variation to bring two Charge Blades into battle with you at once. I won't lie, this is actually a pretty solid idea - you could have one Charge Blade dedicated to one particular element type, and another one for an entirely different elemental shell.

"Double Dual Blades call me General Grievous," one Twitter user responds. "Two Hunting Horns means you can play a total of eight songs," adds the original Twitter user in a follow-up post. The possibilities and combinations really can be endless - unless you just want to double down on what you've already got for comedic purposes, which is totally valid.

Monster Hunter Wilds launches in 2025 across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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