After a bumpy Major Order victory, Helldivers 2 devs promise "more visible info" on the Galactic War table as Arrowhead discusses "various ways" of improving in-game communication

Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation Warbond diving
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Don't worry, Helldivers 2's developer is still working to improve the Galactic War table map, as well as bolstering in-game communication between players.

Answering a query in the Helldivers 2 Discord server, ever-present community manager Twinbeard spoke about the desire from players for a better Galactic War table. "Can re-confirm that more visible info on the [Galactic Map] definitely is in the works," the Arrowhead Game Studios community manager responds. 

The developer also adds  that "we're discussing various ways of improving the in-game comms." If you aren't directly speaking to players using a microphone, you're limited to the in-game 'ping' system in Helldivers 2 for pointing out both points of interest and significant enemy threats.

Improvements for the in-game communication ping system would definitely help team cohesion in Helldivers 2. I'd venture to say the vast majority of random players I've encountered in the shooter haven't communicated via a mic, so the ping system is really all they've got to work with.

It's also easy to see why players want the Galactic War table improved. Currently, in Helldivers 2, you can't tell whether Super Earth's forces are making good progress in liberating a planet or whether they're stalling and need reinforcements - you have to go to, a third-party tracker website for that information.

One player even points to the recent Meridia-based Major Order in Helldivers 2, arguing that a "large part" of the order was determining whether or not Super Earth's forces were making progress in liberating the planet itself. An improved Galactic War table with more information and better feedback would make Major Order like these a lot easier.

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