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May 7 - This page has been updated with Nintendo's recent statement regarding the announcement of a 'Nintendo Switch successor' within this fiscal year. 

Nintendo has finally broken its silence on the previously-rumored Nintendo Switch 2. We now know that there is in fact a new device in the works, with the brand slating an official announcement for some point in this fiscal year. That means we've potentially got a good few months to wait before anything concrete. Until then, we're rounding up all the leaks and rumors right here. 

During the six years since launch we've had the Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED models arrive, delivering a more portable form factor with the former and an improved OLED display with the latter, but neither managed to improve the specs of the original model. Despite this, we still think it's the best gaming handheld for most players, as it offers up an incredible library and decent portable performance.

While Nintendo hasn't officially announced or hinted at any new hardware, there have been plenty of rumors over the last few years that not only suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 is coming this year, but also the kind of specs and features we should expect. Here's all the news on the Nintendo Switch 2 so far, including our own predictions of when we could see Nintendo's next console. 

Nintendo Switch 2 latest updates

May 7 - Nintendo confirms that Nintendo Switch successor will be announced in this fiscal year

The President of Nintendo himself announced that the next Switch device will be announced in the fiscal year ending March 2025 in a statement on X (Twitter). The President highlighted that there is a Nintendo Direct coming up in June, but there will be no news on the Nintendo Switch 2. 

April 26 - New reports suggest Switch 2 will feature magnetic controls 

Rather than opting for a Joy-Con rail design, the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to feature magnetically attaching controllers. The leak comes from Spanish site Vandal, with information also suggesting that the next console will be larger than its predecessor. 

Feb 29 2024 - Leaker suggests console has been ready to ship for two years

Moore's Law is Dead is a reputable leaker who claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 has actually been ready to ship since late 2022 in. The YouTube video cites Nvidia sources who claim that the console has been ready to go "for a very long time" and that "the ball has been entirely in [Nintendo's] court for years now."

Feb 26 2024 - Nintendo reportedly delaying Switch 2 to combat scalping 

Japanese website Nikkei followed up on earlier rumors by reporting that the Nintendo Switch 2 has been delayed to March 2025, providing a reason for the supposed push. This is apparently due to Nintendo's aim to combat the scalping price rises previously associated with the original console's release by ensuring enough stock will be in circulation to meet demand.

Feb 16 2024 - 2025 release date rumored 

Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe posted a video to their O X do Controle YouTube channel claiming that five separate sources confirm the Nintendo Switch 2 to be launching in 2025. The information comes from sources within development, apparently claiming that the release date has slipped from late 2024 to next year entirely. 

Feb 11 2024 - A good sign for backwards compatibility 

Brazilian site Universo Nintendo detailed that original Switch games will not only be playable on the new Nintendo, but developers will also be able to enhance their libraries for play on the new device. 

Feb 9 2024 - Nvidia reportedly producing custom chip for Nintendo Switch 2 

An exclusive Reuters report featured an unknown source stating that the Nintendo Switch 2 will "likely" feature custom chips from Nvidia. This is less surprising, but does reaffirm speculation from last year.

Feb 8 2024 - Reliable leaker suggests March reveal

Appearing on the Game & Talk Podcast, known leaker NateTheHate stated that the new console "appears poised and ready for a reveal or announcement in March", citing information from last year's supposed Gamescom closed doors developer demo. 

Jan 25 2024 - More signs pointing to an 8-inch LCD screen

An Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase is cited in a Bloomberg report as stating Nintendo's next console will launch in 2024, with an 8-inch LCD screen. This rumor corroborates news from May 2023 that Sharp has been producing similar screens for a new console. 

When will the Nintendo Switch 2 launch?

While we were initially expecting the Nintendo Switch 2 release date to fall within the final quarter of 2024, Nintendo's first and only statement acknowledging the next console confirms this is likely to have been pushed back. The brand published its intent to announce the Nintendo Switch 2 within this fiscal year (ending March 2025) via a message from its President on X (Twitter). This sits inline with previous leaks and rumors surrounding a delay from the originally planned 2024 release date. 

Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe uploaded a new episode to the O X do Controle YouTube channel on February 16, in which they claim five different internal sources have indicated that the Nintendo Switch 2 has been delayed internally. On February 26, Japanese site Nikkei claimed that the Nintendo Switch 2 release date is now March 2025, citing Nintendo's aim to beat scalpers with enough units to meet demand as the reason behind the push. 

Since then, another possible reason for the delay has appeared via reputable leaker Moore's Law Is Dead. A Feb 29 YouTube video explained how Nvidia sources approached the leaker stating that the console has been complete for a while now and the brand is just waiting to launch. Crucially, though, the response states that "Nintendo isn't Sony... they see delays as something that will cause their games to be more polished at launch" (original emphasis). Ninty could be pushing the Nintendo Switch 2 release date back to evade scalpers, but there's also a possibility that the launch game lineup just isn't ready for the system yet. 

Previously, several analysts had stated that the new console would hit the shelves at the end of the year. Multiple reports claimed 2024 is indeed the Switch 2 year, with the console continuing to sport the handheld mode and cartridge slot. That also included GameShark who came back from the dead, casually hinted at the Nintendo Switch 2 and its release date, then quickly clarified it was just guessing. 

Nintendo Switch 2 spec and design rumors

Nintendo Switch OLED

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All the rumors and analyst predictions are definitely pointing towards Nintendo Switch 2 being more of an iterative update than a complete revamp of the lastest hardware. Think like the difference between the Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS, which mainly introduced better 3D quality, some additional buttons like a second pair of shoulder buttons, and a c-stick rather than completely reinventing its predecessor. It doesn't help that Switch 2 will be "closer" to PS4 and Xbox One specs according to Activision emails.

It's expected that the design will stay much the same, but with a few tweaks. It'll still be a hybrid console, with a dock that's might be able to upscale to 4K rather than just 1080p using DLSS 2. That said, Digital Foundry points out that we don't yet know whether the chip destined to power the Switch 2, Nvidia's T239, has the Deep Learning Accelerator components required to make that feat a reality.

It's also looking like the Nintendo Switch 2 will be larger than its predecessor. A recent leak from Spanish site Vandal not only suggests the new device will use magnetic connections for its controllers but that the gamepads themselves are bigger. The report also seems to confirm that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be compatible with the existing Pro Controller.

As for display specs, a VGC report claims the Switch 2 could go back to using an LCD screen rather than an OLED panel, in an attempt to keep costs low. This has been consolidated more recently by Hiroshi Hayase, an Omdia analyst, being cited in a Bloomberg report. Some players may view that decision as a step backwards considering the Steam Deck OLED is now also a thing, but it does provide Nintendo with options for revamped models down the line.

nintendo switch black friday deals

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Rather than investing in OLED off the bat, Nintendo is apparently looking at upping the quality and quantity of the storage available in the Nintendo Switch 2. It could come with eMMC storage like the original entry-level Steam Deck, which is faster than the current Switch's internal memory solution. 

There's good news elsewhere too - or so we hope - as there are rumors Nintendo is switching to a new technology for Switch 2 Joy-Cons that should mean stick drift is a thing of the past. According to a patent spotted by Laura Kate Dale the Nintendo Switch 2 could use hall effect analog sticks, which would avoid the wear and tear induced stick drift that the current Joy-Cons are prone to. 

In terms of raw stats, the latest rumor is that the Nintendo Switch 2 specs could be:

  • Custom Nvidia chip
  • 64GB eMMC storage
  • DLSS 2 support
  • FSR 3 support
  • 8-inch LCD display
  • Improved battery life

There are rumors that a better specced Nintendo Switch 2 Pro could launch alongside with a higher price tag, but that's less substantiated than the above specs sheet.

Nintendo Switch 2 backwards compatibility

Nintendo Switch cartridge slot

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For starters, Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed in an interview with Nikkei (translated by VGC) that the company will support the current Nintendo Switch until at least 2025, which is good news for those not looking to make the leap to Switch 2 straight away. 

However, Shuntaro Furukawa also elaborated on that a little in a Nintendo financial results briefing from the end of FY22. He said that the company is "focusing on building long-term relationships with our consumers (through Nintendo Accounts). While continuing to release new Nintendo Switch software for consumers to enjoy, we aim to maintain relationships across hardware generations through services that utilize Nintendo Accounts and by providing opportunities for them to experience our IP through other non-gaming channels." 

That certainly suggests some kind of digital backwards compatibility at the bare minimum, but Nintendo Switch 2 spec rumors do suggest that the next hardware will retain the cartridge slot so you should be able to play your physical Switch games on the Switch 2 whenever it launches. 

Nintendo Switch 2 price rumors

Switch OLED

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The current price of the Nintendo Switch OLED is £309.99 / $349.99, but rumors suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 price will be more in the region of $400, which could convert to around £350 retail. At most, though, we could be looking at a $499 MSRP for the Nintendo Switch 2.

That's according to an analyst speaking as part of the GI.biz 2024 analyst predictions piece though, so obviously isn't exactly concrete yet. But, if we look at the retail price of machines like the Steam Deck OLED, PlayStation Portal, or the Asus ROG Ally then the $400 mark does seem pretty reasonable. Of course, the majority of those devices have higher specs that better justify those price tags.

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